Hi! We’re the Oldham Family.

Richard + Jenn + SaydEE + Hazel + Hudson + Maddox


Natural Lifestyle | Travel | Healthy Eating (most of the time) | Friends Over | Parties | Baking Bread | Art | Reaching Your Goals | Building Legos | Toddler Destruction | Bonding


We believe in dreaming big.

This is a video that we had made for our business, but I think it gives a great snippet into what our family is like and what we are passionate about.


Family time is extremely important to us.


Meet Jenn

Age - 37

Education - Bachelor’s degree in Business

Profession - I Sell essential oils

I love being a mom! It's fun to see your kids progress and grow and learn new things. I love how forgiving kids are. Nobody is a perfect parent and I think it's just amazing that kids are so resilient. It's just so fun to create this little bond and this little connection with these kids. It's like they become your friends for life, which I just love. 

What is important to your family?


Natural Health | I'm a balanced natural health person though. I'm not somebody who has an extensive exclusive diet or restrictions. I'm all about being healthy 80% of the time and enjoying life the other 20%. ;)

Friends | We like friends! We are very social and we like to have a lot of gatherings here. I'm someone who encourages my kids to have playdates. I love being social. I really am an advocate of my kids just staying active, healthy, healthy eating--again, the 80/20 rule. I'm not super restrictive, but I want my family to stay healthy. 

Family Travel | We love to travel and we love to travel as a family. I don't like to leave my kids--that doesn't mean that we never do, but I don't like to. We did a month-long trip to Europe as a family last summer and it was incredible. We travel a lot from Kansas City to Utah. We have a home in Missouri (which is on the market) and in Utah, but Utah is our home. My kids do go to public school, but when they are out of school we tend to travel more. Richard and I do some traveling without the kids as well, but not for the first 18 mo of their lives. They are not left with a babysitter--we take them with us where ever go! Maddox had been to 8 different countries by the time he was 1! We just strap them on and enjoy the bonding! 

Religion | We are also very religious. We have a home centered around our faith as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


how do YOU feel about adoption?

Adoption is something that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. Some of my best friends have been involved with adoption--whether that's how their family was formed or if they've placed a baby. One of my closest friends placed a baby when she was 23 years old and she is also an adoptee herself. I was able to have a front row seat and see how it really gave her son that she placed MORE. I just have so much respect for that. I have several cousins who were adopted. I love the idea of adoption to grow our family because we do struggle with infertility and pregnancy is a huge worry for us--especially since we lost our last little baby. I just think adoption is incredible. 

What do you love about Richard?

Richard is an incredible dad. He takes care of our kids even more than I do! lol We are both very active in parenting, but I would bet he has probably changed more diapers than I have. I love having an equal partnership with him instead of the stereotypical (or whatever) relationship where Mom does everything. He is really involved with our kids. One thing that is unique to our family is that we are both home. Richard is just as involved as I am because we both work from home. We each work about 20 hours a week and are financially very stable through the efforts we have put into our companies, but I love how involved Richard is with our family. 

How does Richard inspire you?

Richard inspires me because he is a big dreamer. I tend to be a little more of a pessimist, but I love that he helps me to dream big and realize that big things can for sure happen. He also isn't afraid to get up and try again. A few years ago, he was in a terrible snowboarding accident. For most people, the idea of snowboarding after an accident like that would have been terrifying. But he really wanted to get back into it. 

How did you and Richard meet?

Richard and I met in college. We were in a class together and, at first, when I saw Richard I thought he was a really nice guys...but I wasn't physically attracted to him. He wasn't someone that I really had on my radar to date. We started working together in a group and I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh. I really, really, really like this guy." He was really "grounding" for me. He's amazing. 


Meet Richard

Age - 34

Education - Bachelor's in Business and Finance

Profession - Founder of a Software Company

I love experiencing life with my kids. It's fun to share in their innocence and interests in something. It's just fun to see their excitement over interesting things and learning life and experiencing new things. I love how simple it is for them to love life. 

What are your favorite family activities?

I really enjoy just getting down on the floor and playing with the kids. They love Tickle Monster--and I love to tickle them and scare them (in a good way.) I love to be outside and do adventurous things with them like traveling. I'm really excited to take the kids out skiing and snowboarding this year. I like watching movies with kids too. We have been going through the Harry Potter series and they are really liking that. 

Why do you want to adopt?

We have struggled with infertility and pregnancy issues and pregnancy takes a huge toll on our family...especially since our last baby died. As you can imagine, that was pretty traumatic. We are totally open to the right situation for everyone involved. 

How did you and Jenn meet?

We met in college. We had classes together. We started doing group work together and gravitated toward each other. I remembered how smart she was from a different class that we had together and wanted to work with her again. We started dating from there. 


How does Jenn inspire you?

Jenn inspires me by always pushing me to do better. I can never get away with mediocrity. I can never leave things half-done. She doesn't let me...no matter how hard I try! (Which is all the time.) 

What do you love about Jenn?

Jenn is very social. She loves to get out and do things. She's a very kind and caring person. She is very compassionate and loves to help out other people. She is very interested in other people and loves to learn about YOU.


A Letter From Jenn and Richard


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We know you have a lot of information to go through and big decisions to make for you and your baby. We hope learning a little more about us will make things a little easier. So, here we go!

We have been married for almost 11 years and have built a beautiful life together. It hasn’t been easy, but we are hard workers! We are grateful for our struggle with infertility because we learned to keep fighting even when it's hard and we may want to give up. It's hard to try and get pregnant and then have it not happen. We were very aggressive with figuring out what was wrong and working through it. It's why we turned to IVF for the second pregnancies.

It has taught us to keep going even when it's hard, to have faith in a higher power. We try not to focus on things that "aren't fair" because we feel like life is really meant to teach you how to learn and grow. It's not about what's fair and not fair. It's about how you handle things that aren't fair. Infertility does not define us or who we are. It has been hurdle to bringing our family together. We have 4 amazing kiddos, an angel baby in heaven watching over us, and we are looking for our caboose.

We have lots of connections to all sides of the adoption community and we feel strongly that a child who was adopted should always know where they came from. Our goal is to help them make those connections. We are absolutely open to letters and photos on a regular basis. We hope that we could make visits and playdates happen as well and would love to discuss that in detail.

If you feel like we may be a good fit for your you and your child, we would love to meet you!

With Love and Respect,

Jenn and Richard


Meet the Oldham Kiddos

Saydee - Jenn Oldham.png

SaYDEE - Age 9

Hobbies and Talents | Cooking, baking—she can make a whole loaf of bread of her own. Easy going. Very responsible. Incredible helper. 

Favorite Food | Crepes

A Saydee Story | We love the story of when Richard was out of town and Maddox was being a nightmare--peeing on the carpet at least 3/4 times within an hour, drew all over the couch, making Jenn pull her hair out--Saydee just read the situation and wrote Jenn a note with a $10 bill taped to it. It said, "I hope you have a better day." We just thought that was so awesome of her. 

Hazel - Jenn Oldham.jpg

Hazel - Age 6 Twin

Hobbies and Talents | She is the cutest little artist. Loves to draw and do art. She's very social, loves friends. She is very adventurous. There isn't a ride that we have found that scares her. We swear. She doesn't get scared by anything! 

Favorite Food | Mashed potatoes

A Hazel Story | One afternoon Richard looked out the window and thought, "Who lets their kid outside naked? What kind of horrible parent let their kid get out and isn't even watching them?" And then he started looking and the kid was pushing a stroller...the Oldham family stroller! He looked closer and exclaimed, "That's Hazel!!" She was like a block away!! She is just so adventurous. 

Hudson - Jenn Oldham.jpg

HUDSON - Age 6 Twin

Hobbies and Talents | Loves Legos. They are seriously the love of his life. 

Favorite Food | Anything that is NOT tomatoes. FRUIT! We call him a fruit bat!

A Hudson Story | He is such a thinker, but his thinking is very literal. He was telling us about a bird outside and that is was a girl. We asked him how he knew it was a girl and he said, "Well, she had eyelashes!" He was so serious. 

Maddox - Jenn Oldham.jpg

Maddox - Age 3

Hobbies and Talents | Destruction. He is very physical. He loves to chase and wrestle. Loves to go outside and watch videos of Richard dirt biking or snowboarding. He is ALL BOY. He has been to 12 different countries! 

Favorite Food | PB and Honey Sandwiches

A Maddox Story | Speaking of sandwiches, he wants one every single day...and then he turns them into a train. "It's a choo-choo train!"

Grayer - Jenn Oldham.jpg

Grayer - Our Angel Baby

He was born at 22.6 weeks and only lived for an hour. It’s been a true collision of heaven and complete heartache. We love having him as our family’s guardian angel.

Who is next.jpg

We are looking for the caboose of our family. If you feel like we are a good fit for you and your child, we would love to be considered. We hope you’ll shoot us a quick message so we can get to know you better. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us better! | oldham.jenn@gmail.com