How To Use Copaiba Essential Oil | Benefits And Uses

Copaiba is one of doTERRA's newest oils. It comes to us from the Amazon Rainforests. But what can it do for us?

Copaiba Oil -

Let's let Dr. Stephanie Davis break it down for us even more.

Are you wondering how Copaiba essential oil is related to Cannabis oil? Let Dr. Davis explain. Along the way, you'll learn why she loves Copaiba oil to help manage pain and inflammation, as an antioxidant, and how it supports healthy skin. She also will tell you HOW to use doTERRA's Copaiba essential oil.

Still have questions?

Dr. Davis explores user generated questions regarding what Copaiba be used for. She get specific about how you can it--where, how much, why. Click play and explore the amazing properties of Copaiba.

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