Doterra Alpha CRS+ - WHAT IS ?

doTERRA's Life Long Vitality Supplements in their whole food form provide nutrition that the majority of us are nutritionally deficient in.

doTerra Alpha CRS+

doTerra Alpha CRS+

Let us focus on Alpha CRS+.

My favorite way to help everyone understand Alpha CRS+ is tho simply say, Alpha CRS is like taking a fire extinguisher to yourself daily. It helps your body come back to a state of neutrality.

The most unique supplements on the market. This blend aids in supporting cellular energy and natural cleansing. Did you know one of the ingredients in Alpha is Milk thistle? Milk Thistle is known as the the king of detoxifying herbs, and also supports the function of the liver and cells.

My favorite thing the Alpha does is balance out inflammation levels in the body, providing a healthy inflammatory response. You also get a healthy dose of Green tea extract. This is known to be beneficial in supporting the bodies metabolism.

Alpha CRS is wonderfully high in antioxidants, and also contains Tumeric, in a high quality form.

For many, taking traditional supplements is not an option due to discomfort caused by supplement ingredients. Luckily, the Alpha CRS+ formula has been designed to help prevent stomach upset.

Alpha CRS+ holds plenty of benefits for the body; however, its effects can reach even further when combined with the powerful benefits of xEO Mega and Microplex VMz. These three supplements have been specially formulated to be taken together daily in order to provide users with a comprehensive dietary supplement and improve overall wellness.

If that's not enough info for you, let's hear ER doc, Dr. Steph Davis talk about it!

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