"I'm new to oils. Now what?"

Don't worry! I'm here to help. The links below answer the most frequently asked questions that I get (and had!) from friends just starting out on their oil journey. 


Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Was it just a coincidence or was it oils? You won't know unless you try! 

What is an essential oil?

If you've never heard of an essential oil, you may be wondering what in the world an essential oil is and where it comes from. This short video is a good place to start. 

Which oils should I ORDER first? 

This is such an exciting question to answer! I surely have my favorites that you can order in the individual bottles, or try as samples, but doTERRA also has ridiculously discounted kits that help you get started with this lifestyle change. 

How do I order?

Ordering is simple. You don't need to be a doTERRA member to use essential oils. However, I can teach you how you can save 25% on these products. Let me walk you through your ordering options. Just click the link below.

Can I take an Intro to Oils Class?

This is a FREE intro class that I recorded to help you understand natural solutions that are available through doTERRA. Press play on the video any time and download the guide to follow along in this informal recorded class.


Still have questions?

Let's schedule a quick phone call or let me see if I can answer your question via email...which ever is easiest for you. Please pick my brain! 


free essential oil guide for beginners

This PDF e-book is a great way to begin with essential oils for your family and home.  This free guide answers questions like:  How to use essential oils, effective methods for aromatic and topical and internal application of oils,  and even what oils to start with!  

yes, email me this free guide!