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Business leaders from all walks of life share their own personal stories of overcoming.

How Professional Cheering & Network Marketing Are Alike

Julia feels like she is her best self when she is around inspiring and driven women. It's what led to her to success as a professional NFL cheerleader. When she found out she was expecting her second child, she had to move away from the cheering world but she found comfort in doTERRA as she was surrounded by a whole network of inspiring and driven women.

What Does It Really Take To Find Success In Life?

For Amanda, success came easily to her as a child. As she grew, success was harder to find and that frustrated her! She started to study how to bring more success into her life. She studied people--their successes and failures. She discovered several success lies and even more truth. Hear what she learned about finding success as an adult.

We Had No Retirement Plan Until We Did This

Sherri will be the first to tell you how blessed she is with an awesome husband and incredible kids. They've always done their best to work hard, but they really didn't have a plan for retirement although they were doing the best they could.

I Hated MLM Companies And Now I Work For One

Yach had extremely negative views of multi-level marketing companies. She thought it was just a way to guilt family and friends into buying from you. She had NO interest in it. Find out how she went from that attitude to now working for a network marketing company.

Believing You Already Have Everything You Need To Succeed

If you want more than what you've got, you've got to become more of what you already are. Of course you need personal development and come out of your comfort zone to help you tap into your potential. For Cheri, this came through starting a doTERRA business!

Overcoming A Depressing Health Crisis

As Cathy faced a healthy crisis--not sleeping, depression, anxiety--she became very scared and didn't know what to do. The depression got so bad, that she was calling her mother every day and through tears explaining that if she has to live this way, she didn't want to live.

I Knew There Was A More Simple Solution To My Health Concern

After two of Lisa's sisters were diagnosed with Breast Cancer, every doctor wanted to give her a prescription to build up her immune system. She knew that wasn't the path she wanted to be on so she started researching. She stopped smoking, changed her diet, started taking supplements, and having her blood analyzed.

Lie: You Have To Work Hard All The Time To Be Successful

Scott grew up in a really poor family where all the kids contributed to the family finances to help put food on the table and have clothes to go to school. He always felt like working yourself to the bone was something you just had to do all the time.

How My Whole Family Has Become Better Versions Of Themselves

Lee was originally introduced to a network marketing company. In that company, he learned about the idea of mentors and how he could become and better version of himself. Even though he decided to leave that company, he took with him a love of mentoring. That passion turned into a decision to become a life coach. As he and his wife started a doTERRA business, he has been so grateful for the growth he has been in every single member of his family. 

Mom Of  9 Prays To Know How To Contribute To Family's Income

Heidi became very interested in natural solutions for herself and her family. She became so passionate about using essential oils after seeing how well they worked for her family, that she couldn't help but share it! Sharing has helped her discover a whole new set of skills she didn't know she had--more comfortable talking to strangers, more confident in giving presentations, leadership skills, training people, AS WELL AS answering her prayer of how she could contribute to her family's income.

Why I Left My 25 Year Job In Corporate America

Dave left his job in corporate America after 25 years because the growth and numbers that doTERRA was putting up peeked his interest. The relationships he has gained, the financial freedom, the opportunity to homeschool his boys, and the dramatically different culture have all changed his life!

After The Death Of My Sister, I Turned Pain Into Purpose

Tragically, Linda's identical twin sister passed away in a plane crash. It was a very stressful and vulnerable time for her and her family. However, she turned her pain into purpose and had this burning desire to help other people feel whole because she, herself, did not feel whole after grieving her sister.

At 50 Years Old, I Weighed 350 Pounds

Shaleen says she has had a weigh problem her entire life. At age 50, she found herself at 250 pounds and was ready to make some major changes. She decided she was going to exercise for 6 days a week, one hour a day, FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Lie: You Can't Be A Leader

Stefanie tried AND FAILED at the same thing from 7th grade through 12th grade. Without realizing it, these failures had an impact on how she viewed herself as a leader, specifically in business. Her self-talk became, "No one is going to follow you" and it was very damaging.

Changing The Way You Talk To Yourself

Brooke shares how changing the way she spoke to herself improved her business.You have to be kind to yourself! Changing the way that you think from "You're not good enough" to "You are worthy!" is a huge thing. Growing personally helps you to grow your business!

Empowering People With Natural Solutions

Jeannette is a chiropractor by trade. She shares how empowering it has been for HER as she empowers OTHERS with natural solutions. She explains how doTERRA has made her a better doctor as she has helped give strength to her patients and encouraged them to be an active part of their health care.

Lie: You Can't Be A Successful Business Woman And A Good Mom

For years, Holly believed being a successful business woman and a successful (good) mom were mutually exclusive. When children entered her family, she stepped away from a lucrative career to be a stay-at-home mom. Lots of financial sacrifices were made and Holly was riddled with guilt. Learn how she came to own her own business, work from home, and homeschool their 4 children. 

Working Through Resentment For My Hard Childhood

Kerri came into adulthood carrying a heavy load of resentment and malice towards her parents for experiences that she had. She shares how doTERRA has been a personal development program for her and helped her to "uplevel" herself. Through her work, she's been able to create a shift, giving her the freedom to be the best version of herself. 

Freeing Up More Time For My Family

Marlena's family was going through some difficult career changes. Her husband was working over 200 miles away from home, she was working full-time+ while trying to juggle the schedules of two young children, housework, meals, etc. It was overwhelming. Marlena decided to start building a doTERRA business and has been able to stay home, be the one to take her kiddos to school, cook dinner, and move close to her husband's work. 

Taking Back My Children's Health

Maren is a busy mom of three young kiddos who had healthy issues. She spent countless hours in the offices of specialist living in fear of what the next test would or would not reveal. It was a rollercoaster! Finally, Maren decided enough was enough. They stepped away from a mode of fear and dove into hope. Essential oils have empowered Maren to give her children the health that their bodies need.

Overcoming Heartbreaking Hormonal Issues

Shyanne started using essential oils to help her combat some heartbreaking hormonal issues that have effected her family planning and the health of her children. She shares how powerful it is to just watch her kids be well. One child went from going to the doctor constantly for 7 months, to not needing to go for 7 years!

Struggling Financially And Worrying About My Family

Bree is an avid essential oil user and even though she does not have a doTERRA business, she is grateful to be employed by a doTERRA Blue Diamond. It has helped her provide her family as they have struggled financially to make ends meet. There's no limit to the lives doTERRA can touch!