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Let me teach you how I've made a 6-FIGURE income on PART TIME hours.

Building with doTERRA has been very good to me and my family. Financially it has taken us to places I could only dream of. Let me share the blueprint of my success with you and help you achieve your dreams!

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It's really great working with Jenn Oldham! Jenn is a really down-to-earth person, she makes her trainings fun and engaging and there is always an event to look forward to on this team. Jenn takes a really practical approach to teaching how to build doTERRA as a business. She makes sure to always share ways to save money as you equip your business for success, how to manage your time so that the business will work around any schedule, and just generally sets you up for success with great strategies and ideas in addition to the basic trainings. One of the nicest things that comes across when you work with her is her belief that you can do this. She has overcome the same obstacles many of us face, and is the poster girl for doing what you set your mind to! // Anita Rosin, Silver


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Working with Jenn was divine intervention. If I didn't have her guidance, patience, vision, and belief in me, I wouldn't be a Presidential Diamond--which has completely changed my life.  When I was building as a single mom, she was patient and professional. She showed logic and empathy while helping me strategize. She is always there when I need her. She is humble with her approach and an amazing mentor! I highly recommend her as a leader in doTERRA! She's also super fun!! // Melody Watts, Presidential Diamond




Jenn is a powerhouse for good! She has been so influential in my business by helping me look at my strategies and coming up with great ideas. // Julie Driggs, Gold




I have been working with Jenn for almost 4 years. She is a fabulous mentor. She motivates me, but also pushes me to do my best. She keeps me accountable and encourages me to be a great leader. I have loved working with her and I know she will guide me to new heights in my business. // Sierra Kilpatrick, Silver




Jenn has been a pillar in my success with doTERRA! She has been a great mentor to me and always supportive when I have needed guidance. She is always willing to go the extra mile when I need her too for myself and my team! // Allison Preiss, Gold

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