4 tips for surviving working at home during the summer with kids

First of all, I am in the thick of this right now. AAAAAND I feel like I am completely failing at working at home with kids. But! When I really stop and think about it, I AM DOING IT! I get it done and here's how!

If you're not committed to working from home, your kids will always be your #1 excuse. This is true during ANY season of the year, but especially during the summer when kiddos are usually home from school. 

Be determined to set a goal and achieve it

Have you ever heard Tiffany Peterson speak? One of the things she says is "doing isn't difficult, deciding is."

Doing isn't Difficult Deciding IS


A lot of time we don't accomplish or achieve things because we haven't really decided that we want to. Sure, we think it looks good and we may dip our toe into it...but we haven't REALLY decided and said to ourselves, "NO. I AM DOING THIS."

I will never forget the month that I decided I was going to hit the sales rank of Blue Diamond in doTERRA. There were all kinds of problems leading up to that month with some of my team and I was off of my goal by over $15,000. YIKES, right? But for some reason, I decided I was going to hit Blue Diamond that month and I did it. The only reason I DID IT was because I DECIDED TO DO IT. 

The same thing goes for working at home during the kids' summer break. It takes some juggling and creative planning, but deciding you are going to accomplish your goal(s) for the day/week/month/summer break is the first step towards surviving...and thriving! Don't use your kiddos as an excuse. 

Schedule your hours

When are you going to work? Block out some time during the early morning/day/nap time/late at night that is just for work time. Set a very structured schedule for yourself. Then make sure you have support during that time. Maybe that is your kids' only screen time. Maybe you have some teenagers in your neighborhood take your young ones to the park. Maybe you wake up super early so that you can work in a quiet house before the chaos of the day begins. 

Here's me sharing too much again: If I try to work when my kids are awake or home or I'm the sole caregiver...I just can't. I go crazy. I have to set a strict schedule for myself with support or my business won't move forward. 

Treat Your Work-At-Home Job Like A Business

Treat it like a business BECAUSE IT IS! So many people will say that their business isn't working but yet they are putting minimal time and effort into it OR they aren't doing income producing activities. 

Spend A Lot Of Time With Your Kids

People think that just because you work at home, you can't spend a lot of quality time with your kids. I find that this is just not true. When I can focus all my work into a few hours during the day, that means the rest of the day is for them! Make sure you are spending a lot of fun time with your kids that is NOT during your scheduled work time. Your business will thrive when you are in a happier place and hanging out with your kiddos and doing things they want to do is THE BEST! When your kiddos are happy, usually the mama is happy too! I really believe that raising kids is something that brings happiness and happiness brings better business because people are attracted to it! I know I am! 


Are you looking for a way to join us crazy work-at-home parents? HA! Shoot me a message and I will send you info about doTERRA's compensation plan. This generous plan has allowed me to stay home with my kiddos and bring my husband home from his full-time job as well. Is it right for you too? Shoot me a message and let's find out! 

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