DoTerra digestzen - How to use?

How To Use DigestZen ESSENTIAL oil Blend


How many of you are wondering exactly what to do with that bottle of DigestZen? You know it's for something that has to do with the stomach, but maybe you're not exactly sure what. 

How do I use this?

Let me give you a couple of my favorite doTERRA Tips of ways I like to use DigestZen and some best practices.

When my stomach is feeling ouchie, DigestZen is my go-to. My favorite (and by "favorite" I mean the exact opposite lol) was the time that I got on a plane and my stomach was a disaster. I was like, "Oh dear. This is going to be bad." My stomach was not feeling so hot and I was eyeballing that airplane bathroom and I really just didn't want to go in there. 

So, I pulled out some DigestZen and I put some directly on my tongue. I also put some on my stomach. Let's be real, I basically bathed in DigestZen on the plane and people were like, "Oh wow. That's a strong smell." 

My reply was, "Trust me. It could be a lot worse because I am not feeling well AT ALL."

It was amazing how quickly I started to feel better! THANK HEAVENS!

You can put it on your tongue, on your tummy, bath in it (last resort!), or rub some on the bottoms of your feet on those reflex points. It's fairly intuitive with DigestZen. It's easy to use!

Here are some additional uses to get you started!


Happy oiling!