Now that you feel confident with your oils, you are just naturally going to want to share them. The easiest way to do that is to HOST A CLASS!


Who teaches the class?

If you're feeling like an essential oil ROCKSTAR, you may want to consider teaching a Natural Solutions class yourself. However, if you'd like for me to come to you and teach the class, we would love to help! I'd actually LOVE to do a class for you. We just need you to do the hosting!


Why host a class with Jenn?

There are a couple really fun reasons why you would want to host a class:

  1. I always give an awesome hostess incentive for hosting a class--usually a free diffuser or a couple of oils.
  2. You can earn cash for hosting a class! We will chat about that cool perk when you call to schedule a class. 
  3. You have the option of having the guests who enroll at the class to be put "under you" on your team. (Start earning some commission! More on what that looks like in Step 3.) 
  4. You establish yourself in your neighborhood as the go-to person for essential oils and other doTERRA products. 

^ You guys. Sadly, the Share Program that is talked about in this video is no longer available exactly how he explained it. BUT!! There are still so many great tips. Make sure you watch!

What You'll Learn In This Video

  • Feeling confident as you host your class
  • How to invite people to your class
  • How to remind people about your class
  • Tips for keeping guests engaged at your class
  • Ideal class size

How I invite people to my classes

What you'll learn in this video:

  • How to invite people to your class
  • How NOT to invite people to your class
  • How to make the invitation personal (Hint: It doesn't involve social media!)
  • Roll play of inviting people in person
  • How to help people have an "oil experience" BEFORE they come to the class
  • Ideas on how to remind people about your class

Text a Reminder

In the above video I mention a reminder image that I text out to guests of the class I'm hosting (or teaching.) It's just a simple reminder, but it's been super effective!

To create an image like this, you can use some of my favorite tools: 

  • PicMonkey // This is a free tool (paid upgrades are available) that allows you to edit images and add text. It's easiest to use on a computer. 
  • Rhonna Designs // Apps for your handheld devices that all you to edit images, add text, even a logo! Templates and backgrounds are available for your use. Starts at $1.99.
image1 (11).JPG

What will Jenn Talk about At the Class?

Once upon a time, I did a virtual class (I much prefer in person!) and I recorded it to give you an idea of what I will be talking about if you invite me to host a class. In it, I go through a special Natural Solutions Class Handout. This handout is a fabulous introduction to essential oils, their history, many uses, and how they are blessing lives. 


Don't have time to watch Jenn's full presentation?

No problem! HERE is a more compact professional recording of a Natural Solutions class. It's broken up into bite-size portions.