5 tips for closing your first enrollment in doTerra by Stefanie brown

5 Tips for Closing Your First Enrollment

By Stefanie Brown


1. Make a list of every contact you have.

Every. Single. Person. Ok that might be impossible, but make a list of at least 100 people or more. Start with those that first come to mind. They will come first for a reason. Those people are usually the ones your subconscious recognizes as someone who would love/want/need these oils. Those are the people you will want to contact first. Then go to your phone, look through your contacts, next your social media accounts, write down those names too. Soon you will begin to recognize your contacts are far more widespread than you originally may have thought and statistically speaking at least ONE of those people will be interested. 

Next just start talking. Talk to everyone you can. You will only enroll people you either know or get to know. So this part is very important. Be genuine when you talk and create trust and meaningful relationships when you can. 

2. Carry your oils with you.

I can’t count how many times I had wished I had my oils when I was at the park talking with moms, or at my church when I overheard someone talking about something that I knew oils could help with. I finally invested in a little key chain (I picked one that draws attention with the dōTERRA name on it) that carries six sample sized oils. I keep the most common oils I like to share in there so no matter where I am, I always have oils to share with me and use. People will ask you what you are doing if they see you using your oils, it’s really a great conversation starter. I have even had people ask me what dōTERRA is because they see it on my keychain and that opens up the conversation just because of their curiosity. Just a little note, make sure whenever you share an oil you get some personal info from them so you can follow up in a few days. In fact, that is my next tip.

3. Follow up

Following up is so incredibly important to your success. Like I mentioned in the previous tip, give samples and then follow up. Otherwise you may miss out on an opportunity to enroll. The hardest part of following up is getting over the idea that you will be bothering someone or seem pushy. Once again, this was an obstacle I had to overcome. After a few days I would realize that no one was going to call me, I was going to have to call them. A great way to do this would be sending a simple text message telling them you had been thinking of them and then asking if they had a chance to use the product yet, or had considered doing the business if it was something they seemed interested in. My very first enrollment came from me following up with someone I met at a Holiday Expo. After getting her enrolled, she thanked me for following up, she told me she had been waiting for my email, and for me to call! If I hadn’t done either of those I never would have gotten her as an enrollment.

5 tips for closing

4. Plan and have consistent classes

I like to have one class every week on the same day and time so that people can come when it is best for them. Every one is busy but by having a consistent class people are able to plan around it so they can attend. Plus having a consistent class makes your work much easier for you too by making planning out your month/week way simpler.  

5. Emphasize the value of our dōTERRA products

This is especially important when you start having classes. When people can clearly see how oils will benefit them it will be a no brainer to give dōTERRA oils a try. This doesn’t mean belittling other companies products or giving outrageous testimonials. I am talking about simply walking through a day with essential oils and how they can bring better health mentally and physically to our lives. 

So there you have it! 5 simple tips to getting your first enrollment. Remember, just relax and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. By focusing on creating relationships and doing some of these tips enrollment will just start coming in. You are amazing and being a part of dōTERRA is worth every single effort you put into it. 


Raised in Idaho. Married 7 years. 2 kids, 3yrs and 1yr. Lived in 8 states in 7 years. Loves 🐶 and 📚 and chocolate 🍫. Started journey with oils 4 years ago and has never looked back.


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