7 organizational tips to build with intention

7 Organizational Tips to Build with Intention

By Anita Rosin


There are trailblazers who have gone before us in doTERRA and created many wonderful systems to utilize toward your success. No matter which system you follow, they all have one thing in common: Consistency. Doing the same activities (Share, Follow Up, Invite, Repeat) consistently over time will generate the results you are looking for.

How do you stay consistent, though, in an ever-changing world, where we all are busy and have various family and work responsibilities? Organization is key to being most productive!  These are some of the secrets I’ve employed to keep me on track, and I’d love to hear yours!

1. Don’t wait 

Don’t wait until you’re completely organized to start...share, follow up, invite, repeat. It can take some time for people to try your samples, become interested, attend a class and enroll. Get started sharing even if you don’t have everything all set up yet. All you need to start to share are your oils, some sample bottles, and a little bit of information.

You can either use a little handout card with a few common uses of the oils, or something like the Daily Drop or Modern Essentials apps, so you can text them the information--I love this method, because you have their phone number!

So many people spend so much time planning, they never get to the doing. It’s great to get organized, but it does nothing for you if you don’t get out there and share! Alphabetizing your oils is really nice busy work, but nobody will ever enroll because of it. Early on in starting my business, I read this great article from doTERRA on income producing versus non-income producing activities to earn your first check, and I use it in all my business trainings.

7 organizational tips

2. Schedule your time

Whether you have an hour a week or 40 hours a week to devote to doTERRA, you can use it more productively if you schedule it out. A well organized hour can be more effective than ten unstructured hours.  

Group like tasks together. Do all your social media planning at once at the beginning of the month. Make all your follow up calls at one time. A good rule of thumb is to make calls in the morning so people have all day to call you back. Schedule all your strategy/mentoring calls together. I like to receive my mentor call from my upline and call my downline leaders afterward, so I can quickly convey any information I’ve learned.

Always have a class on calendar. “Oh, you’re interested in learning more? I’m having a class this Tuesday!” is much more likely to feed their hunger for information than “Let me get back to you with my next class date." 

Make SURE you include personal development time! If you are not growing personally in your mindset, character, determination, and confidence...you cannot succeed.

3. Use technology

There’s nothing worse than remembering that you never followed up with someone you sampled. It’s literally throwing your money and your effort away. You will need to set up a system to keep track of who you have shared with. There are many tech tools that can help you to keep track of whom you have sampled.

Google has an entire FREE suite of extensions for email that can remind you of upcoming tasks and track conversations you have had. A more robust system, a CRM, or Customer Relations Management system like those used in big sales firms can be extremely helpful. I found a free one that allows you to customize your sales pipeline your way.  It’s called HubSpot and they are even rolling out some apps to access your info on the fly. A simple Google search will open up a world of possibilities for you.

I also use Google Calendar that my whole team has access to. We all put our classes on there and that way, we can always see who is having an event we might want to invite our guests to as well. It’s a way to maximize the power of your team. We work together to support each other during classes, and all our classes are always open to others on the team and their guests.

There are some excellent low cost services that help you expand your email and social media reach. Check out the wonderful communities on Amplify ($14/month) and Synduit ($29/month). These systems do a ton of work for you...no more sending 100 individually customized emails, learning how to set up a website, or spending all day creating a newsletter. Let the technology do the work for you.

These tools will help you to follow up with customers after they have enrolled, so that you can keep them engaged. It is so much easier to keep an existing customer than to get a new one!

Have you fallen behind with tech? I know, it moves fast. Don’t avoid it because you are unfamiliar with the latest!  You can start where you are and learn the tools that will help you the most. YouTube, Google and the tutorials from the companies you choose will be your most effective ways to get training.

Class Backpack


4. Class BaG + checklist

Ever shown up to teach without your oils? Keep your class items ready to go. I use a grocery checklist app called Out of Milk to list all of the things I need for class.  When getting ready to leave, I check them off to make sure I have everything.

5. Using your back office

Staying organized also means serving your customers after they have enrolled. It’s as simple as clicking on the “Next LRP Date” column in your genealogy of your back office. Once a week, I review the orders for the upcoming week and make sure that my customers know what to expect. For new customers, I always make sure I have their backs until they are comfortable with managing their own orders. I would call or text and say “Hi, New Person. Just a reminder, it looks like your next order is on Wednesday, were you comfortable with the ordering process, do you need any help selecting items? You still have time to edit the order if you like. Let me know how I can help you.”

Also, for example, if someone has a 119 pv order set to run on the 13th, I know they can get a free oil by increasing to 125pv, I would send them a note “Hey Friend, I was reviewing my back office and I noticed that you have an order for 119pv. Did you know, if you have an order of 125pv by the 15th you can get a free wild orange this month? I didn’t want you to miss out in case you want to take advantage of that free product of the month. Please let me know if you need any suggestions or need my help.”

Here's another scenario that comes up often: You may notice someone ordering 182.25 this month. But their order last month was 182.25. Sending a quick note “Hi, I just noticed your order that is set to ship on Friday appears like it might be a duplicate of last month. That’s totally okay, but I just wanted you to know you have time to change it if you would like something different. Please let me know if you need my help or need any suggestions.”

Periodically, reach out to the people who are not ordering and who are not on LRP.  If they are not ordering, they are not using their oils. Invite them to a themed class to learn more ways to use their oils, stay connected to them so that when they or a family member gets sick, you know and you can help with suggestions. Connect with them for a wellness consult, or offer a free gift for a follow-up wellness consult. The goal of the wellness consult is to identify their health goals and needs and have them put the oils they need on an LRP. Also, look at the back office reports for anyone who has cancelled their LRP and reach out to them, offering an incentive to come back.

AND...the same goes for a builder who is close to a bonus. One builder of mine had her $50 bonus, if only her sister ordered another $10. She had no idea, it’s up to us to help them by catching those things. You can sort your genealogy by each team and look at their front line to make sure everything adds up.

Make sure you explore the back office and learn everything you can about this powerful tool. Watch training videos and generally just click on EVERYTHING. Clicking the people in the tree, clicking the colored dots and bars, often reveal data that can help you. Did you know you can see how far you are to the next rank (Striking Distance) or which legs are qualifying you (clicking on the picture of the people on your Dashboard, clicking on the numbers under power of 3, etc.) The back office is a gold mine.

Find all the trainings for Back Office online at doTERRA University under Back Office.

Our plan

6. Visual Aids

I have not figured out how to use technology for this one yet, but at a certain point it really helps to get a visual overview of your whole team.  I bought a wall board panel at Home Depot for $11, had them cut it into 3 sections and gave the extras to my teammates.  Then I traced out the $1500 bonus planner in permanent marker and put in my teammates and monthly numbers with dry erase marker.  I’m using the tracker to have a quick visual of both rank and bonus for everyone on my top 3 levels.   You’d never want to miss your $1500 bonus because one person didn’t order.  You’d want to be able to see that right away.

A vision board is also essential to keep you connected to your reasons for creating a doTERRA business in the first place.  Use your screen saver on your computer and your phone, your wall in front of your computer, a diamond token in your pocket and notes on your mirror as constant reminders of where you are going and why!  Affirm it, visualize it, believe it, and it will actualize itself!

7. Track Progress

At the beginning of the month, sort your genealogy by team and then by Next LRP date.  For each team, add up the pending LRP orders.  Depending on the goal for that team, calculate how many more points you need to reach that goal.  Using the Rank Planners, divide the amount needed by your typical class volume to figure out how many classes you need in order to hit that goal. Then book that many classes.  Repeat this each week so you know if you are on track for the month.

Steady progress is important.  It is valuable to take a screenshot of your final genealogy at the end of the month and compare it to what your back office is showing on the 13th of the following month, so that you can tell if there are any changes that will hurt your bonus pay.  Also, saving that page will help you if you lose contact with anyone who later falls off of your list for inactivity.  You can use past months as an aide to helping you analyze your progress and stay on track.

These ideas are a very general guide to all of the things you could use to plan for great success!  I hope they get your imagination sparking! I would love to hear what works for you in getting and staying organized.

Happy planning, and here’s to your success!

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Anita, Silver leader in doTERRA, enjoys teaching about essential oils and natural wellness, while experiencing the freedom and flexibility to take care of her family. As an entrepreneur and a former lawyer, Anita has always loved order and organization, and even wanted to work as a professional organizer at one time. She is very pragmatic, and focuses on finding what works. She lives in Northern California with her partner, Larry, and son, Evan (10.)

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