How to attract new doTerra builders wherever you are?

How To Attract Builders Wherever You Are

By Cheri Evans


The best advice I can give on finding builders is to be the kind of person you want to attract.

No matter where you live, even if "everyone has heard of doTERRA" the difference is going to be YOU! If people find that you genuinely add value wherever you go, you are a good friend, you live a healthy lifestyle, they will be interested in learning from you. Once they start asking about doTERRA you can share with them all the reasons being part of such a great company has changed your life. 

How to attract new doTerra builders wherever you are?

I truly love being around my upline, they are fun, I am a better person when I am around them, they inspire me to rise to the occasion. I was attracted to build doTERRA because I wanted to be around successful people. Now, I need to be that person!


Meet Cheri Evans from Austin, Texas. She has been doing the business for two years and has reached the rank of Gold. She has four beautiful children including six-year-old twins. Advice Cheri would offer anyone doing the business is, "be willing to take imperfect action" and "those who SHOW UP, GO UP!"

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