Lemongrass Essential Oil Beneftis ans Uses

Lemongrass Essential Oil | Favorite Uses and Benefits

Have you ever looked at a bottle of Lemongrass and wondered what in the world it is for and if it's related to Lemon? lol I know I did when I first started using essential oils. 


The first thing I use Lemongrass for is bladder support. 

After I had my twins and my giant 11 lbs baby (a total of 25 pounds of children!!), this body is pretty much shot and my bladder needs a little but of extra support. I can get some bladder discomfort from time to time. When I rub a little bit of Lemongrass right over my bladder (like literally just below my belly button) it totally does the trick. Sometimes I will combine it with a drop of doTERRA's Purify blend as well.

Lemongrass is also excellent for muscle or joint discomfort. Let's say my knees are bothering me, I will just rub a drop of Lemongrass on them right then and there for some relief. 

Oh, and it smells amazing!

Ever wondered where Lemongrass comes from? Hint: It's not from lemons. ;)