How to do doTerra convention in 2018 - 2019 ?

How to do doTERRA convention on the cheap


Who is excited for convention?! I am already thinking about it BIG TIME. Join us in Salt Lake City, September 6-9th for the 2017 doTERRA Global Convention!

Check out this video! I mean, if this doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, I don't know what will. ;)

Convention tickets are going on sale super soon! On March 20th the early bird special tickets go on sale for $169. They will sell out THAT DAY. You will want to get them that very day.

I know that $169 can seem like a ton of money. But let me tell you this: You don't have to be making tons of money to attend doTERRA's global convention. I want you to be at convention because I know what it will do for your business. Did you know you are way more likely to hit leadership ranks if you attend doTERRA events?

How to do Convention on the Cheap

My tried and true ideas for doing convention on the cheap:

  1. Stay at a cheaper hotel downtown.

  2. Find an Airbnb in the area.

  3. Get roommates and split the cost!

  4. Take Trax (public transportation) into convention from a neighboring city that's not as expensive as downtown hotels.

  5. Pack a lunch everyday! You don't have to eat out every meal. There is an awesome full grocery store right downtown called Harmon's City Creek.

Let me tell you about my friend who went to convention a few years ago. She and her hubby literally had no money to go to convention but they reprioritized and they found the money to cover the cost of a ticket for her. She brought peanut butter and jam with her in her bag! (I hope she double ziplock-baggied it! lol) She bought a loaf of bread once she got to Salt Lake and she made herself a sandwich every day.

That is commitment to being at convention. 

And you want to know what? She is now a Diamond. DIAMOND!

What money saving tips do YOU use to do convention on the cheap? Let's brainstorm some awesome ideas so we can all be there together!