Time Away From Your Kids Is Okay

I have 4 kids. But I've never had 2. Well, I did for like 4 minutes between the twins' birth. 

My kids are passionate souls. I love that about them, but also THE STRUGGLE IS REAL sometimes. 


Let me be the one to say this out loud for every parent within the sound of my (written) voice:

Taking time away from your kids IS OKAY. 

For me, it's actually huge. I need time to recharge by myself, with my hubby, or close girlfriends.

Now, I say this as someone who wanted DESPERATELY to have children. Having them wasn't easy! In fact, most of our kiddos came into our family because of the miracle of IVF. I'm an infertility warrior mama and I still know that needing a break from your kiddos is normal and, dare I say, HEALTHY!

Taking time away from your kids IS OKAY. 

When is that last time you HAD a little break from your kids?

If it's been awhile, I have to ask if you're hiding behind your kids? Do you say, "I can't because I have kids" a lot? First of all, what kind of message is that sending to your kiddos? No one wants to be the reason that another person can't do the thing that they love to do. Secondly, are you giving your kids the very best version of yourself if you don't have time to re-charge? Getting breaks for my kids is the reason why I can go and go and go. Even professional athletes get a half time rest! They get time outs too. Heck, piano music even has a few rests thrown in because it makes the rest of the song more beautiful! ;)

What if you don't have the money for a babysitter?

Even before my business became successful, I would trade babysitting with a friend or hire neighborhood teenagers for cheap so that I could get some time to myself. Or with Richard. Leverage what you have. If you have the money, hire it. If you don't have the money yet, get creative on how to trade it. Trade oils, trade baked goods, trade anything you can so that you can get some time to recharge. 

You are worth it!