10 Famous people with ADHD, who turned diseas into their Superpower

ADHD can be turned into a superpower. You've heard me say that before

I feel really strongly that it doesn't have to be something that you suffer from. I just came across this feature about 10 well-known artists, business people, and sports legends who all have ADHD.

I'm loving the superpowers they identified! This whole video below demonstrates how ADHD can be turned into an asset.

Let me share with you the superpowers that have been attributed to ADHD:

Albert Einstein

Deeply curious. Ability to think outside of the box.

Sir Richard Branson

Multi-tasking. ADHD is said to be beneficial to entrepreneurs who are engaged in start ups! 

Justin Timberlake

Ability to produce hit after hit. 

David Neeleman

Passionately following your passion. You look at the world differently when you have ADHD. This is a good thing!

Howie Mandel 

Crusader for mental health. Courageous and more accepting. 

Pete Rose

Determination. Many attribute his success to ADHD. (And also some of his problems. lol)

Channing Tatum

Steel will and fierce determination!

Adam Levine

Had ideas-a-plenty. As an adult, learned how to handle his ADHD and focus those ideas. 

Ty Pennington

Learned to channel his energy into his passion, building things! Ability to juggle multiple tasks. 

What's your ADHD superpower?