Thank you for being so supportive

Friends! Thank you so much for being so supportive of me as I shared some heavy things with you this last week. 

From my story of being sexually molested as a kid to talking about how the experience has impacted my feelings about myself to how it almost made getting married impossible

I needed a safe place for my vulnerability. I needed it more than you know. You all were amazing. I was pretty nervous about how it was all going to play out online. It's hard to share such experiences because, as I mentioned, I feel so much shame. 

The reason I felt a pull to finally share my story is because I want people to find the strength and courage to overcome difficult things in their lives too. As I always say, "If I can do it, you can do it!"

I wanted to give back in the best way I know how. If you're new to essential oils, I would love to spoil you with some of my favorite oils and oil products. Shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, Deep Blue lotion for aches and pains, kids probiotic, throat lozenges,  Lavender, and Past Tense for head tension. Let me pay forward the kindness you've showed me!



I decided to pass on the love that everyone showed me last week with FREE oil goodie bags. Shoot me a quick message and snag one.

Have a lovely Sunday! 

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