6 tips to help you plan for doTerra Convention 2018-2019

Convention is absolutely incredible because it's a very energizing and synergistic experience. You feel the excitement is just radiating from everyone there. 

I mean, watch this teaser...

CHILLS! I am so excited, I can't even handle it!

Take a look at the full doTERRA Convention agenda HERE.


What information will I learn about at doTerra's Convention?

The reason it is amazing is because they are releasing new products and a ton of scientific research and studies that correlate with the essential oils. You get a chance to hear from every single one of doTERRA's founders. You just get to feel what this company is all about. And it's impressive. 

It's not a rah-rah, droppin' hundies type of convention. It's a genuine going and learning and seeing how they literally choose to serve the world type of convention.

What should I wear to convention?

It is crowded and you will do lots of walking so you will want to wear comfortable shoes. Utah in the autumn means light layers--it could be 95 or 73. lol You're never quite sure what the weather is going to be. 

What about food at convention?

Pack snacks. There are a lot restuarant options in Salt Lake but we are also sharing those places with with 30K other people. doTERRA has broken it up so that lunch times don't overlap for different sessions, so that's helpful. 

What will I get for free at convention?

doTERRA will provide you with a FREE backpack. It says doTERRA on it. It's always my favorite backpack to use throughout the rest of the year. If you're doing this as a business, it's a really great backpack to use to take all your stuff to your classes that you teach. 

If you're just lovin' the oils and not doing the business, it's still a really great backpack to use! 

They give you a notebook and a pen for notes. So, don't worry about packing that. 

How much money should I plan to spend at convention?

Something that is unique to convention is that you can spend very little money or spend a fortune and have an amazing experience either way. 

Honestly, you can spend endless money at the swag store and stores that have oil related tools and products--think roller bottles, carrying cases, books, water bottles and more...oh my!

You can totally get by with a loaf of bread, pb & j, and granola bars if that fits your budget better. 

Either way, you're going to have an amazing time!

Just a heads up that Convention Kits will be available for purchase. It may be something to budget for. Convention Kits cost around $250-300. They contain all of doTERRA's new products at an extremely discounted price. They bundle everything together and give you a deep discount. Sometimes they limit it so that you can only have 2 per account. You just never know until you get there. 

I can't make it to convention in person, can I still participate?

YES! Check out all the details about how to get an online ticket HERE.

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What other questions do you have?

Shoot me a message about convention or anything related to essential oils and I'll be happy to answer them!