What I've Learned While Doing Business With Another Culture

Let us be clear on this, I am not an expert. 

But! As I've been working with different cultures, I've noticed a few things that have become vitally important. 

Ask questions.

I will ask someone that I am comfortable with who is IN that culture if there are things that I need to be aware of as I am teaching a class or working with people. The best way to learn about another culture or religion is to ask someone WHO IS that culture or religion. 

Just ask. 

What i have learned while doing business

When I teach classes about essential oils, I start off by talking about the health care system in their country. Canada and UK's system is very different from the United States' system. I usually start by asking people about their healthcare system--what they love about it and what they are frustrated with.

I cannot stress this enough, ask lots of questions, listen, observe how they interact with each other...like kissing on the cheek! ;)

It's all about respecting people. The most important thing is respecting their beliefs and their culture. Intent goes a long way. If people know that you are well intended, they are going to be more patient with your mistakes and how you learn along the way. 

Just realize that if it's not YOUR way of life, doesn't mean it's the WRONG way of life. 

If you're looking for a business opportunity that fits into your lifestyle as well as the lifestyles of cultures across the globe, shoot me a message. Let's chat about what I've seen and learned so far.  

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