How To Fall Asleep When Counting Sheep Doesn't Work?

My hubby has been gone on the craziest trip of his life--hunting with his dad in Wyoming. 

Snow. Horses. Bears. Limited cell service. Oh my!

Hunting in Wyoming -

Even though he is the smartest guy I know, I was worried! SO many anxious feelings/fear/whatever kept running through my head especially at night...even though I knew he was having a blast!

Let me just say...Counting sheep is a joke! 

But you know what works? This awesome diffuser blend...

Kill Fear Diffuser Blend -

Clicked this combo on...and I'm as calm as a sloth! 

Do you have problems falling asleep?

Friend! I have so been there. Shoot me a message if you'd like to look into natural, non-habit forming solutions to help you stop counting sheep and sleep away!

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