How a Doctor David Hill from Dotterra suggest you use essential oils

Dr. David Hill D.C., Founding Executive, Chief Medical Officer / Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee, presented at doTERRA's Global Convention earlier this month. He went into the basic science behind essential oils and it was fascinating. People were taking notes like crazy but when Dr. Hill introduced the Oil Chemistry Wheel and said it was available for download, there was a collective sigh in the (giant) room. Check out this cool learning tool! 

After what seemed like a basic science lesson, Dr. Hill gave his recommendation for daily essential oil use. I was so inspired by this part of the presentation that I snapped photos of his actual slides. 

Every wondered what a doctor would recommend for daily essential oil usage?

Morning Routine

Essential Oils Morning Routine -

Afternoon Routine




Evening Routine

Essential Oils for Evening

Bed Time Routine

Essential Oils for Bed Time -

After presenting this routine to Convention, he made the following statement and it was met with applause and a little giggle from our table as well. So true, right?

Dr Hill Convention Quote Pills -

Diving into ALL these oils right away can be overwhelming, right? Maybe select a routine to start with--like bed time--and get a strong habit of relaxing and treating your body well. Test it out! See if you sleep more soundly! After that, try another routine and test it out as well. You'll be on your way to a daily essential oil routine. 


Need help figuring out where to start?

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