You're Capable, But Are Your Committed?

You are smart. 

You are brilliant. 

You are intelligent. 

You are capable.

But, are you COMMITTED? I mean truly committed?


In Noah St. John's great book, The Secret Code of Success, one of the first principles he introduces is using a "Why To" tool instead of a "How To" tool in order to achieve your success in life. 


OK, so you obviously have to have both tools in order to achieve success, right? Yes. You do. The "How To's" are all over the place. 

However, unless you have a "Why To,” the "How To" will not produce the results you are wanting...a successful business.

Maybe you don't care about the money, but just want to help others achieve better health and wellness? Maybe you want to achieve a certain income level so that you can: 

  • Get out of debt

  • Give more to charitable causes that resonate with you

  • Pay for your kid's college education

  • Have both parents working from home in order to enjoy more family time

  • Travel the world

  • Work on your bucket list items 

Maybe you have been successful in life and you are simply looking for a way to help others achieve a similar success? Maybe you want to start up your own organization in order to make the world a better place?

While your "Why To" may not be as important to the success of other people around you, it is CRITICALLY important to YOUR success that you both have one, and that you understand why it is so important to you.


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