doTERRA | What's all the fuss about?

Why do people love essential oils? What is the fuss all about? How come people love doTERRA so much?

Chances are, you’ve asked yourself at least one of these questions as you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds. 

Let’s start with doTERRA. To be apart of the dōTERRA culture is truly unique from other network marketing companies out there.

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From Cō-Impact Sourcing to the Healing Hands Initiatives and Trips, to healing the world one drop at a time, to a company providing every opportunity for us as Wellness Advocates to get out of debt so that we can be in a position to freely give's remarkable that dōTERRA keeps finding ways to serve and uplift the world.

“The doTERRA culture is one that is focused on the promotion of wellness in homes and communities, education through scientific research, integrity in our dealings with others, a commitment to giving back through our humanitarian efforts, and above all a focus on the individual—not the bottom line.” —Mark Wolfert

Here are a few of the values that doTERRA strives to operate by:

  • We are engaged, caring, and concerned with promoting wellness throughout the world.

  • We are here to serve others.

  • We are dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for humanitarian aid throughout the world.

  • We are genuine and authentic.

  • We believe in principle-based leadership—in which we are honest, ethical, and moral in our behavior and interactions with each other.

  • Our products empower families, neighborhoods, and communities.

  • We promote the use of pure, natural, non-synthetic essential oils and products.

  • We are committed to education. Hype exaggeration, embellishment of the truth, and hyperbole are all concepts we shy away from.

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