3 secrets to building a business while homeschooling

3 Secrets to Building a Business While Homeschooling

By Shyanne Hathaway


Building while homeschooling has been interesting. I'm constantly working on finding my groove, but here are some things I've learned along the journey.

1. Use tools

Learning to automate oil support, educate online, and establish learning programs has been so helpful. All of those tools enable me to leverage my time. Tools like Synduit for campaigns and Oil Camp for continuing education.

2. Be creative and flexible when mentoring

This has been instrumental with our non-traditional lifestyle. I love connecting with our team and I find that most people just need constant contact and friendship to nurture them into growing their business. The friendships I have gained have become anchors to me no matter where we are!

3 secrets to building a business

3. Include the kids!

I incorporate my kids into my business. They help me with videos, fill sample bottles, and even share with people! It's fun to see them grow as service centered individuals and encourage their little entrepreneurial ideas as we work together to achieve the goals that we set forth as a family!

We have been using oils for 7 years

We have been using oils for 7 years and decided to leap into the business full time when Scott got laid off from a job he hated 5 years ago. Since then, we have moved 6 times to grow or support our doTERRA team and homeschool our 3 children.

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