How To Use Oils Every Day

What if you could have a simple routine that would support your health each day... a RECIPE, of sorts.

Daily Tips For Using Essential Oils -

Dr. Hill’s Daily Routine Quick Guide


  • Apply 2-3 drops of Balance to the bottom of feet when you wake
  • Frankincense under the tongue. (you'll get used to this :)
  • Take 1 PB Assist (probiotics) with breakfast
  • Life Long Vitality and Terrazyme with Morning Meal


  • Diffuse or apply favorite oil for mood and stress management.
  • Take Life Long Vitality and Terrazyme with afternoon meal.
  • Use Citrus oil in water throughout the day.


  • Take Life Long Vitality (unless you’ve taken a full dose by this point) and Terrazyme with evening meal.
  • Diffuse OnGuard or take a OnGuard soft gel capsule.

Bed Time

  • Diffuse Favorite oil for Relaxation.
  • Take two Serenity softgels 30 minutes before sleep.
  • Apply Serenity or Cedarwood to bottom of the feet.

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