Tips for remaining positive in life when things get though

Tips For Remaining Positive When Things Get Tough

By Cheri Evans


I remember when I was trying to hit Silver for the first time. I had put a huge amount of time and effort into doing a three day booth and didn't get the enrollments I wanted. I was exhausted and disappointed. When I woke up the next morning, I decided to focus on the positive.

I have been told, what you focus on grows! I got out a pen and wrote down all the good things that happened those three days at my booth, even the little things. I got the good energy flowing. Within a few hours I actually had someone from my booth contact me to purchase an account. 

Tips for Remaining Positive

You attract what you put out. You are feeling what you are thinking. If you need a mindset change, go for a walk, do something that brings you JOY, read a development book that inspires possibility in your heart, get back your "good energy" and then try again! 

Family alltogther

Meet Cheri Evans from Austin, Texas. She has been doing the business for two years and has reached the rank of Gold. She has four beautiful children including six-year-old twins. Advice Cheri would offer anyone doing the business is, "be willing to take imperfect action" and "those who SHOW UP, GO UP!"

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