Feeling Overwhelmed After Returning From Kenya

I just got back from Kenya and I have to let you know that it is so inspiring to see the good work that doTERRA is doing around the world. 

doTERRA Trip to Kenya, jennoldham.com

I do travel a lot, but I've never seen such a poor country. These people are living like we used to live 200 years ago. They are grinding their own flour! They don't have toilets or running water. The poverty level is insane. As my husband said, "I have never been to a place where the people are so poor. It is humbling to see how they live."

Poverty in Kenya, jennoldham.com
School Room in Kenya, jennoldham.com

I'm just overwhelmed. 

To actually get to personally deliver a hygiene kit to a young woman and say, "You don't have to use cow dung as a pad anymore..." IT IS TOUCHING. I am still emotional about it. 

It's incredible to actually deliver that and tell her that she has a better way now. 

doTERRA in Kenya, jennoldham.com

Oh man. The humanitarian efforts that doTERRA is doing is just incredible and I needed to share. 

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Getting involved in this incredible company was the best self-help program I have ever been part of. 

Wondering how you can get involved? 

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