How to Use Oregano Essential Oil

What do you know about Oregano oil? I didn’t know very much at first, other than it smelled like pizza. But how could it benefit me and my family?

How To Use Oregano Oil

Give this video a click to hear Dr. Davis talk about one of the most powerful and potent essential oils she has worked with. Sick kids? Oregano. Immune system boost? Oregano. Germ killer? Oregano. Cooking? Oregano. Skin irritations? Oregano.

*THIS IS A HOT OIL! Use this caution!

Top Uses of Oregano Essential Oil

You may be surprised by all the uses of this potent essential oil. Feel free to save this image for future reference.

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Oregano is The Bomb! Try this F. L. O. O. M. protocol (mentioned by Dr. Davis in the above video) when you start to feel yourself coming down with something.

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