Is It Too Late To Start A doTERRA Business?

When people ask me about my involvement with doTERRA and wonder how they can take advantage of the business opportunity doTERRA provides, their next question is usually some version of this:


When you find out what a huge company it is, you start thinking that everyone already knows about doTERRA, right? (Nope!) You may wonder if the time to be successful with doTERRA has passed? I am here to tell you that it has never been a better time. Last month (November 2017) there were 127 new Diamonds in doTERRA. It took 5 years before doTERRA had that many diamonds TOTAL!! \

Here is a list of the total number of rank advancements for the month of November 2017:

  • Presidential Diamond – 11

  • Blue Diamond – 31

  • Diamond – 127

  • Platinum – 213

  • Gold – 501

  • Silver – 1,306

Mind blowing, right?

doTERRA Average Earnings.png

At the beginning of 2017, doTERRA was a 2 billion dollar a year company. They are projected to grow to a 10 billion dollar a year company. That means we are currently only scratching the surface in what we can do with the business aspect of doTERRA. 

A lot of people really like the idea of getting in on the ground floor with new companies. But there are some flaws with that kind of thinking.

  1. Most network marketing companies do not last. They are simply not able to survive their first 5 years--whether they are mismanaged or cannot keep their products in stock, whatever it is. doTERRA, however, has survived longer than that and THEY. ARE. THRIVING. Longevity is important to look at. 

  2. Essential oils are not trendy. The oils are not going away. People's health is not going to magically be perfect. It is a lifelong battle to try healthy and fit. People are always going to have a need for these products. 

  3. New companies are, well, new. I hated building in the beginning. I absolutely hated it. We didn't have trainings, resources, or even systems! We had to figure everything out as we went along the way. There are so many amazing tools available to you now and those tools are launching sales at a much faster rate. 

Here's a secret: My highest paid leaders on my team are some of my newest! Some have only been on my team for 2-3 years! When people say they are too late to the doTERRA party, I say there is no much thing! 66% of the USA aren't even familiar with doTERRA but they are open to natural remedies. There is so much opportunity still out there!

There are so many benefits to starting now. doTERRA has name and brand recognition. The model to be successful has been figured out and there are sooo many tools to help you. In the early days we had to figure it all out on our own, trying to sell a product nobody knew they wanted, from a company that nobody had heard about. The only difference between me and you is that I have been doing this for 8 years. People are hitting ranks in shorter time periods than we did in the beginning.

The next big questions is this:


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