How To Use Ginger Oil In A Yummy And Good For You Drink

In my honest opinion, ginger is a serious unsung hero. It has become a staple in my healthy lifestyle routine. Let me tell just a few things that ginger can do to help support the body.

  1. Supports healthy digestion.
  2. Supports inflammatory response in the intestines to promote more effective absorption of nutrients.
  3. Gives the body an antioxidant boost.
How to Use Ginger Essential Oil -

My most favorite way to get my daily ginger (outside of my Life Long Vitality) is in my Ginger Juice. This drink is so yummy, and has been a major tool in my weight loss journey.

1 Cup Bai Coconut Drink
1 Cup water
3 Drops Lemon Oil
1 Drop Ginger Oil (work your way up to 3 drops with time)

Substitutions - if you do not have coconut Bai, you can use water and add 3-6 drops of liquid stevia.


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