Doterra Loyalty Rewards Program - How I get oils for free?

Why do I love doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards program? Because its the BEST thing EVER! Last month I asked my team why they love Loyalty Rewards (LRP) and they posted over 100 reasons.

Why do I love doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards program?

Why do I love doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards program?

Here are the most popular reasons in no particular order:

I love it because it automatically shows up at my door every month and I let my kids use our FREE points to build their own kit. // Katie C.

What's not to love? My store pays me 30% to shop, comes automatically, rewards points for shipping, FREE product of the month, and best of all, I get paid for sharing the things I love! // Juli

It's exciting knowing that I will be getting a box full of oils each month and I am able to save my point and get some oils I may not have because of my budget. // Andrea R.

You can't go wrong with LRP! I pretty much get half of my oils for FREE so I am feeling better because I am using more oils without worrying about the cost. // Laura B.

I love LRP because I love FREE! Our family is on a budget so every dollar counts. I use my points on oils for my son. // Ashley M.

LRP is awesome! I don't know another company who gives you items for FREE just for ordering things you would be ordering grocery store or gas station does that. // Susanna Q.

I have never stuck with a supplement program before doTERRA and I tribute that to my LRP order automatically shipping every single month (so I never forget to order it.) PLUS! I love getting 30% back in points for FREE products. // Angela B.

I love getting FREE points for purchasing cleaning products and because of the FREE points I basically clean for FREE! // Susan V.

I love the flexibility of LRP. I can order 125pv and get a FREE product that I might not have ordered but I can also adjust my order if I don't need much or to fit my budget and still keep my points. BTW, I turned in 214 points for FREE products last month. // Vickie R.

I love that my loyalty rewards order keeps me on track. Instead of going crazy and buying everything I want all at once, I make a wish list and change my order each month according to my budget. I also get more expensive oils by saving up my points. // Carrie N.

Heck! What's not to LOVE? I just turned in 800 points for trio kits to give away at a bridal shower. PLUS I love getting Life Long Vitality at a discount. I love how easy it is to change what ships and when it ships each month. // Bobbi O.

I love LRP because I want every oil. Between the product of the month and my FREE points, I'm almost there. Thanks, doTERRA! // Melinda

I am someone who always shops for the best deals. LRP allows me to get great products and leaves me knowing that I am making good decisions for my family. Because we use less, I save more and can ultimately order more. // Sara G.


I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Now let me ask you, what do you LOVE about doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program? Please comment below!

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