Difference between fragrances and aromatic compounds?

Did you know that having products that include the simple ingredient "Fragrance" in your home can be harmful to your health?

Aromatic Compound vs Fragrance

Aromatic Compound vs Fragrance

In 2010, after years of intentional mystery, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) decided to publish an alphabetical list of ingredients that its members reportedly use to make consumer products. How many possible ingredients are included in "umbrella" label of "Fragrance"?


What does that mean for consumers? It means that you don't know what you're exposing your body to when you are in contact with a product that lists fragrance on it's ingredient list.

Now that these mystery ingredients have been made known, it's important to know which are the MOST CONCERNING.

According to the Environmental Working Group, 1 in 20 earned a "high" hazard score (7-10 of 10), and a full 1 in 6 rated at least a "moderate" hazard score (3-10 of 10). 25 of them scored a 10, the highest score:

25 chemicals scored a "10" in Skin Deep Aniline BHA Cyclohexanone Dibutyl phthalate Diethylhexyl phthalate Hydroquinone MIBK Nano titanium dioxide Nano zinc oxide (20-60nm) Octoxynol-6 Octoxynol-7 Octoxynol-11 Octoxynol-12 Octoxynol-13 Octoxynol-16 Octoxynol-20 Octoxynol-25 Octoxynol-30 Octoxynol-33 Octoxynol-40 Octoxynol-70 PEG-3 Sorbitan oleate PEG-6 Sorbitan oleate Resorcinol Styrene

Some chemicals on the list are very troubling. Of the 3,163 chemicals listed, several stand out as particularly toxic: phthalates, octoxynols and nonoxynols. Phthalates are potent hormone disruptors linked to reproductive system birth defects in baby boys. Octoxynols and nonoxynols break down into persistent hormone disruptors, as well.

What kind of products contain these chemicals? All kinds. To name several: facial cleanser, after shave, astringents, hair color, cleaning products, and acne treatment.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY!!! Go Fragrance-Free in you home! Avoid products that list "Perfume" as well.

Thankfully, dōTERRA is committed to your safety and does not contain any "Fragrance" in their essential oils or products. You can rest assured that the aroma you experience is pure botanical aromatic compounds that offer you BENEFITS to your health, not harm!!

I challenge you to make a list of products that you can begin to replace with a natural product that dōTERRA offers. Don't be overwhelmed, simply make a plan and begin to replace one product at a time if you need to. What would you like to replace? Share your list below!!

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