Toxin Free Home Living - 4 Simple Ways to Create

How do you know it is time to eliminate toxins? Your body may be giving you signs that it is dealing with too many toxins. You might feel sluggish, you may have strange skin rashes or breakouts, you may have trouble sleeping, you may experience unexplained weight gain, or feel constipated. Because we are exposed to so many toxins In today's world, it is wise to make cleansing a regular focus of maintaining your health.



You can always do doTERRA's entire cleanse for a complete maintenance program, but it is also helpful to do little things every single day.

If you are ready to eliminate or limit your exposure to toxins, here are a few places you can begin.

1 - Change your cleaning products. Try On Guard Concentrate. I use this to clean all surfaces plus it is great on stubborn stains.

2 - Change your personal care products. One of the biggest toxin sources is our hair care, skin products, and makeup. doTERRA's Skin Care and Salon Essentials are a fantastic place to begin.

3 - Use citrus oils every day. Try grapefruit in your water every single morning. Use lemon to wash your produce, especially berries. Put two drops in a bowl full of water. You will be surprised how much dirt and toxic junk comes off your fruit. Plus, bonus! Your fruit will also stay fresh longer if you wash it with lemon!

4 - Supplement. Terrazyme and zendocrine support your body in elimination. Zendocrine is like a filter for your liver and I recommend using both the complex and softgel together.

Changing our environment can be done one step at a time. Pick just one of the ideas listed here and pat yourself on the back for making a great decision to help your family stay healthy. I'm curious...what doTERRA product has helped you eliminate toxins? Any other ideas that are easy to implement? Please share in the comments.

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